Encryption may have helped keep hackers from stealing sensitive data. However, it may cost more in the long run working with a hard drive recovery service, if the vendor doesn't help in providing much needed passwords. The reason is that technicians, working for data recovery companies and providing data recovery services in London, spend more time cracking passwords to recover data that actually recovering the data itself. With a vendor help, hard disk recovery can cost as little as £250 to £477 and as much as £2386. While many SSD drives are electronically sound physically, they could have a corrupted key in the driver's firmware. This corruption can keep a user from accessing their files.

The problem lies in if the computer expert hired to provide data recovery services in London can access the encryption key in the data storage area. Otherwise, this may hinder a tech's ability to get clear data using raw, unencrypted NAND data. Clear data without a encryption key isn't going to help unlock data files and some company heads may be frustrated when a hard drive recovery service cannot circumvent this problem.


Cooperating of storage device manufacturers and business customers may lower data loss Costs

Manufacturers of SSD drives have withheld sensitive information about their products and the intellectual property because of security reasons. However, if manufacturers worked with companies, it may substantially lower data loss costs. It would less the amount of time a tech spent doing Hard disk recoveryor having to find an encryption key. However, do not think that a hard disk drive is any less cheaper. It is about the same for SSD drive recovery or using a hard drive recovery service for a HDD recovery.


Without support, it may be impossible for an expert to perform hard disk recovery. For paying customers, they may be paying for the notion data recovery services in London will recovery all computer data. One thing's for certain. The longer a company has gone without sensitive data, the less important the data becomes. Experts spend days trying to analyze encrypted data, but when do company heads draw the line that it isn't profitable to spend many days trying to decipher data and when they cannot perform hard disk recovery.

What's the plan to get storage device manufacturers and data loss encryption specialists talking and cooperating? It may require storage device manufacturers see the benefit of cooperating in restoring the encryption keys needed for many companies SSD drives. It offers value to the company heads who need the sensitive data and also the data recovery specialists because they retain customers. However, it also offers value to storage device manufacturers because it ensures companies will remain customers with the manufacturers and cuts down on data recovery costs and other fees. Have you ever had to call a company to recover files? What can you see are the advantages of to having cooperation between manufacturers and companies who use encrypted keys? At Advanced Data Recovery, we can help you in case your Raid system fails, or your desktop computer or laptop suffers logical data errors. Whether your data loss is because electrical outages or because of physical hardware problems, experts can help. Let us recover your data before you attempt your own data recovery. Visit us at:www.advanceddatarecovery.co.uk

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