Have you ever trusted someone completely...only to discover they were hurting you all along?

Well, if you love Young Living oils, prepare to be emotionally compromised.

In 2015, a California non-profit whose mission is to safeguard the public from health hazards, independently tested Young Living supplements and found 8 of their products contained dangerous levels of LEAD! I know...MIND BLOWN!


Here’s the guilty line-up:

● Young Living Balance Complete Vanilla Cream

● Young Living Power Meal Vanilla Cream

● Young Living JuvaPower

● Young Living MultiGreens

● Young Living ComforTone

● Young Living FemiGen

● Young Living JuvaTone

● Young Living ICP

Someone please explain to me how a company that boasts of unrivaled “purity” has managed to widely distribute one of the most dangerous toxins!?


The above products were found to contain more than .5 micrograms of lead. How dangerous could a microgram be? Terrifyingly dangerous! Lead exposures of just 0.0125-0.1875 micrograms per day have been associated with birth defects!

How did Young Living’s CEO Gary Young respond to this crisis? Did he immediately recall the dangerous products? No. Did he issue a profound apology to the distributors and users who have been harmed by his product? No. He resigned to pursue “personal interests.”


It gets worse. Did Young Living overhaul its leadership and processes to ensure future product safety? No. It merely promoted Gary Young’s wife to CEO!

Young Living did make one significant change. All questions about the CEO switch are now fielded directly to Mr. Dan Rene, the senior VP of Levick PR, who according to the firm website, “specializes in high-profile reputation protection for companies embroiled in tax evasion charges, public crises, or reputational threats.”


Congratulations Young Living, you have completely lost my confidence.

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